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    Comprehensive Guidance With CISM Exam Application Process

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    Know how to Design and Manage IT Security for Businesses

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The CISM certification is a program made for information security executives, information security experts and persons who are planning to move to information security management. Our CISM training will combine the achievement of passing a complete exam with recognition of work with the skills required to work as an Information Security managers and will permit the delegate to pass the CISM exam in the very first attempt and get certified with worldwide recognised certificate. This training course will cover the four main domains of an information security with in-depth coverage of the information covering and will provide the delegates with a lot of real examples and a library of templates with the proper support from the instructor.

Who should take this course

The following candidates should attend this course:

  • Security and System Managers
  • IT Managers
  • Information Asset Owners


There is no prerequisite for this course


What Will You Learn

  • Information Security Ascendancy
  • An information security steering group function
  • Techniques for cost-benefit analysis in assessing options for mitigating threats of risks and exposure it to an acceptable levels
  • Security metrics design, development and implementation.
  • Legal and regulatory issues associated with Internet businesses, global transmissions and transborder data flows
  • Standard insurance policies and imposed conditions
  • External vulnerability reporting sources
  • The key components of cost-benefit analysis and enterprise migration plans
  • Acquisition management systems and methods
  • Assessment of vendor service level agreements, preparation of contracts)
  • Information security process improvement
  • Recovery time objectives (RTO) for information resources
  • Information security management due to diligence activities and reviews of the infrastructure.
  • Cost-benefit analysis techniques in assessing options for mitigating risks threats and exposures to acceptable levels.
  • Disaster recovery testing for substructure and critical business applications.
  • Events affecting security baselines that may need risk reassessments
  • Changes to information security requirements in safety plans, test plans and reperformance
  • CISM question and answer review 
  • Privacy and tax laws and tariffs, data import/export restrictions, restrictions on cryptography, patents, copyrights, warranties, trade secrets, national security
  • CISM information classification methods
  • Life-cycle-based risk management principles and practices.
  • Security baselines and configuration management in the plan and management of business applications and the infrastructure.

What's included

  Course Overview

The ISACA Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) exam is intended to certify the competency of security professionals to manage plans; oversee and assess an enterprise’s information security. The examination wraps capability in the following domains: Information Security domination; Information Security; Event Management; Information Risk Management and Compliance; Information Security Program Development and Management.


  • Exam Type: MCQ
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Pass Percentage: 45
  • Closed or Open Book Exam

  Course Content

Information Risk Management and observance

  • Information asset cataloging
  • Threat management, assessments, susceptibility assessments and threat study
  • Risk treatment selections
  • Manage risk of refusal
  • Information safety controls
  • Current and desired risk intensity: Gap analysis
  • Checking risk

Information Security Incident Management

  • Organizational description and severity hierarchy for security events
  • Incident reply plan
  • Processes for timely identification
  • Testing and review
  • Investigating and filing information protection incidents
  • Integration of event answering plan, failure recovery plan and business continuity plan

Information Security Governance

  • Security plan
  • Information Security authority structure
  • Integrating security control into corporate power
  • Security Policies: standards, procedures, and principles
  • Business cases to maintain  assets
  • Internal and external authority on information security policy
  • Management and other stakeholder obligation
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Scaling the effectiveness of the information security approach

Information Security Program improvement and administration

  • Position of IS program with information security policy
  • Information security manager's function and responsibilities in placement
  • Information security support
  • Information security style
  • Estimating the effectiveness and competence of the IS program
  • Combine the IS program with IT processes
  • Integrating the IS program into agreement and activities of third parties
  • Controls and Countermeasures
  • Protection Program Metrics and Monitoring

Video Tutorials

  • Preface
  • Information Security Threats, administration, And shield
  • Safety measures Compliance And scheme
  • Business Rules And Policies
  • Security Standards, Activities, And Strategy expansion
  • Information Security domination outline
  • Rigid Requirements And accountability Management
  • Business Case, Budgetary Reporting Techniques, And Planning Methods
  • Governmental Drivers And Their Effects
  • Obligation To Info Security
  • Management Roles And Responsibilities
  • Coverage And Communicating
  • Risks appraisal
  • Information: categorization, possession, And Source Valuation
  • Baseline And BIAs
  • Risk: Countermeasures, alleviation Strategies, And Life series
  • Risk: organization And coverage
  • Information Security Policy And Programs
  • Security Technologies, Cryptography, And admission Controls
  • Observe Tools, Security Agenda And Controls
  • Business guarantee Function And SLAs
  • Resources, Services, And talents
  • Security planning, replica, And Operation
  • Info Security: Policies, Awareness And Guidance Programs
  • Certification
  • Organizational Processes
  • Contracts, Joint Start-up, Business associates And buyers
  • Third Parties, dealers, And Subcontractors
  • Info Security Metrics
  • Objective And Techniques Of Evaluating Info Security Controls
  • Vulnerability
  • Judgment means And trailing Info Security Awareness Training And Teaching Programs
  • Assessment And Management Metrics
  • Data gathering, Reviews, And dimensions
  • Guarantee Providers, Line Management, Budgeting, And employees Management
  • Services And Program Resources
  • Security rule, managerial Processes, And Route
  • Access Control, Access Security Policy standards, And characteristics Management
  • Verification, distant Access And User listing
  • Procurement And Enforcing strategy Standard and observance
  • Third Party Association
  • SLAs, SDLC, And Security Enforcement
  • Maintenance, Monitoring, And Relationship Management
  • Maintaining Info Security And Due industry Activities
  • Info contact, Security Council, direction, And consciousness
  • Stakeholders
  • Testing Info Security manage
  • Refusal Issues And Security Baselines
  • Incident reply And Stability Of Operations
  • Disaster revival And Business Connection Plan
  • Event Management And reaction Plan
  • Processes, prerequisite, And Plans
  • Incident response, tragedy healing And Business Connection Plans
  • Forensics Procedures And Incident Review Process
  • Termination

CISM Certified Information Security Manager Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
CISM Certified Information Security Manager 4 Days Nottingham
CISM Certified Information Security Manager 4 Days London
CISM Certified Information Security Manager 4 Days Newcastle
CISM Certified Information Security Manager 4 Days Maidstone
CISM Certified Information Security Manager 4 Days Liverpool
CISM Certified Information Security Manager 4 Days Virtual
CISM Certified Information Security Manager 4 Days London
CISM Certified Information Security Manager 4 Days Canterbury
CISM Certified Information Security Manager 4 Days Chelmsford
CISM Certified Information Security Manager 4 Days Chorley