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    Pentagon Training offers Six Sigma Training courses at an affordable price

Six Sigma is arguably one of the most popular management methodologies. It specfically helps to meet the goals of an organisation and improve its processes. This proven method is guaranteed to improve a company's operations and bring success. Six Sigma has become an essential skill for businesses and organisations to achieve specific goals and objectives. Many high profile, successfuly organisations use Six Sigma to increase their profits. Some well-known leaders are DuPont, Dell, Bank of America, and Hitachi.

Six Sigma is a set of tools and techniques that aim to enhance businesses performance by rapidly identifying and removing errors. As in the case of martial arts, Six Sigma also has varying levels of training certifications. Each training certification is graded by a different coloured belt. Six Sigma belts rank in order from lowest to highest as Yellow, Green, Black and Master Black Belt. Belts are trained professionals who engage in the improvement of projects based on their type, scope, complexity and experience.

Below are the different Six Sigma Certifications

Six Sigma Yellow Belt

This certification is aimed at beginners of the Six Sigma methodology and provides the foundation on which you may build your Six Sigma experience. Yellow Belt certification will allow candidates to gain an understanding of the basic terminologies of this methodology, the various roles and tasks of other team members in a Six Sigma, and the benefits of Six Sigma. It further demonstrates a candidates ambition and will allow employers to see potential in them.

Six Sigma Green Belt

Green Belt is the next natural progression on from a Yellow Belt. The tasks of a Green Belt are data collection and analysis of projects that are led by Black Belts. They are also responsible for liaising, selecting, training, and coordinating team members. Other important tasks include scheduling meetings, coordinating logistics and identifying and analysing problems. They are often referred to as the worker bees of a project. Green belts also use their knowledge to enhance quality in projects.

Six Sigma Black Belt

Black Belts hold a leadership role and are responsible for leading complex problem solving projects full time. They are responsible for a team of mostly Green Belt and Yellow Belt certification holders. These individuals are professionals capable of explaining Six Sigma principles and philosophies, and they have a complete understanding of DMAIC model.

Master Black Belt

Master Black Belt is a leadership role and this certification qualifies individuals to train others in principles of Six Sigma. Other important tasks include advising executives and overseeing a number of Six Sigma projects. Master Black Belts are responsible for mentoring Six Sigma Black Belts.

Pentagon Training provides Six Sigma courses and we cover all certification levels - Yellow, Green, Black, and Master Black. Enrol in these courses and get certified today.

Six Sigma Training Courses

Course Information

Why should I do Six Sigma Training courses?

Every small and medium-sized business is sensitive to poor services and products. This can damage the reputation of the company and decrease customer trust. To avoid these issues, companies utilise the Six Sigma principles. Six Sigma provides consistent quality improvements to optimise business processes. The importance of Six Sigma has increased, and it will grow more in coming years as companies realise its potential and benefits. Six Sigma has fast become a necessity in the field of project management. Six Sigma expertise are in high demand and companies are hiring managers that have knowledge about Six Sigma. Attain Six Sigma Certification to help organisation remove errors and improve business processes quality. Enhance your leadership and managerial ability.

Benefits of Six Sigma Training courses 

Six Sigma certifications demonstrate your ability to improve quality and performance. It is a well-demanded skill within different industries. Gaining Six Sigma certification can help you develop your skills and help organisations to reduce costs, increase revenue and make business processes more successful. Various companies see Six Sigma as an important part of their infrastructure.

If you wish to work on a Six Sigma project and do not have the appropriate certificaitons, your growth within the project will surely be stunted and progression will be very limited, therefore making these qualifications worthwhile investments. 

Suitable application of Six Sigma can provide an abundance of benefits like:

Customer satisfaction- Using Six Sigma methodologies, businesses will be able to implement processes in a better way that will, in turn, lead to more customer satisfaction

Customer Loyalty- Customers will stay with your brand and will return to make more purchases.

Improve bottom line- Get better revenue with the help of happy customers.

Employee satisfaction and better partnerships with others.

Enrol into our Six Sigma Courses today and begin your journey to a brighter career. 

Why choose Pentagon Training?

Pentagon Training offers various Six Sigma courses. Examples are Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt. We offer fully expertly, qualified instructors, who are at your disposal throughout the course. Our training environments come in the form of a classroom, onsite, and even online options. Our course content is of the highest quality to fully prepare you for the examinations.  We offer excellent customer support and we are competitivly priced. Enrol into any of our Six Sigma Training courses and become certified today.

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