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    Acquire knowledge of how to manage projects efficiently

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    Achieve successful business projects

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    Understand Agile principles

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    Gain Agile iterative and incremental skills

Agility is required in order for every project to meet their deadline. As business processes change with time, organisations need to empower the skills of their employees. The Agile approach achieves a balance between the clarity and standards for project management. If you wish to engage in the fast-paced world of business projects, you should gain Agile skills.

Our Agile Training is inspired by successful Agile business environments. Successful Agile business environments prioritise iterative development to refine the weak areas of your project, to make progress through successive refinement.


Agile Project Management Training Courses

Course Information

Agile project mangement enables projects to remain flexible throughout their duration. Agile combines traditional project management approaches with Agile principles. Agile allows Project Managers to welcome change, whilst also ensuring that customer requirements are met, and the project achieves what it set out to accomplish. Agile is adapted to creative project mechanisms, as team members embrace any changes made. Teams will construct new product iterations, and use these to endorse improvements that make the product a more successful entity, which in turn achieves project aims.


Effective Agile project management skills enable you to manage projects. This training comprises Agile Project Management Foundation (AgilePM®), Agile Project Management Practitioner Upgrade (AgilePM®) and Agile Project Management Foundation & Practitioner (AgilePM®) courses. Our instructors are Agile certified and experts in project management. After completing an Agile training course, you will be certified in your chosen level, and possess the ability to be an Agile Project Manager.

Who should take this course

Agile training courses are recommended for anyone interested in project management. Managers and those who work within project teams will benefit from an Agile certification.


Agile Project Management

What is Agile?

The Agile framework includes the iterative and incremental methods which are to be used throughout the development lifecycle. The Agile Project Management execution yields desired output in the business environment. The teams become more expectable and creative. The Agile Project Management training includes Agile PM Foundation and Agile PM Practitioner course. The Agile framework can be diagrammatically represented as:

Principles of Agile:

  • The users must contribute actively.
  • The team members are allowable to take decisions.
  • The necessities may change, but the duration remains the fix.
  • The requests are collected at high-level and lightweight.
  • Applicability of 80-20 rule
  • The integration testing is completed on the project.
  • A cooperative method between all stakeholders is necessary.


What are the benefits of taking the course?

The benefits are:

  • Get the high level of knowledge in the handling projects with agile methods.
  • The delegates can prepare for both the courses from a single source.
  • Learn about business agility by which you can respond to the adapting environment.
  • The Agile methodology provides the skills for working in the complex adaptive systems. The Agile methods separate the development of projects into sprints.
  • The Agile certification provides reliability in the person’s profile.
  • Learning prioritisation helps you to understand the working of a team
  • Effectively plan, execute and deliver the projects in a company

Why Choose Pentagon training?

Pentagon is the best training provider as it provides the expertise and accomplishment in required domain. We have experienced and certified instructors. Working with them, you will get the best support. The candidates will get hands-on practice on agile methodologies.

Pentagon training’s portal provides support and will be available for 24*7 for the assistance. We are available to answer the queries. It handles all the doubts before, during and after the completion of the course.

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