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    Risk identification and assessment skills

The organisation's safety is very crucial. There is need of security skills that ensure the safety of the organisations. The persons with these skills are the ones who identify hazards and prevent them. To provide complete security to your workplace, you should gain these skills.

Our NEBOSH Training is inspired from secure business environments. It includes the NEBOSH Award in Health and Safety at Work, Introduction to NEBOSH and NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety. Our instructors provide in-depth knowledge of the workplace health and safety.

NEBOSH Training Courses

Course Information

What is NEBOSH? What is the requirement of NEBOSH? How can workplace hazards be controlled? We will explain all the concepts regarding workplace health and safety. Our instructors provide in-depth knowledge of the workplace health and safety. After completing this training, you will be an NEBOSH Health and Safety professional.

Benefits of NEBOSH course:

  • After completing this NEBOSH training, you will be able to take health and safety responsibilities at work effectively.
  • The NEBOSH certified specialists are the much-sought ones as they can add value to the business.
  • You will gain management skills and learn how to manage effectively.
  • Get to learn the active and subtle monitoring systems that a business can trust on its workforce to always meet the standards necessary.


What is NEBOSH certificate?

NEBOSH stands for National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health. It is a UK based examination board. It offers the qualifications in health, safety and environment. It was established in 1979. NEBOSH outlines the syllabus and method of assessment. It does not provide certifications. Best training providers offer the courses.

Benefits of NEBOSH exam:

For employers:

  • Examine that whether the workplace is safe or not?
  • Confirms that the employees recognise all kinds of risks
  • Shows the promise of employees towards health and safety

For employees:

  • It is a stepping stone for constructing a career in health and safety.
  • NEBOSH training provides skills that help you to perform best in the workplace.

History of NEBOSH:

The first NEBOSH examinations procured in June 1980. Applicants sit down for five papers; Law; Behavioral Science; Techniques of Safety Management; Occupational Health & Hygiene and General Science. In October 1981 membership of the NEBOSH Board was grown and comprised governments from IOSH UK government sections, various teaching formations and the Royal Society for the Anticipation of Accidents. The salutation of NEBOSH qualifications also prompted to grow around this time. In June 1982, 140 people counted for their NEBOSH Normal level certificate and 84 for the higher level certificate. By 1986, NEBOSH had increased the number of annual examination assemblies from two to three. In February 1987 NEBOSH familiarised a new qualification construction, which comprised a Certificate and a Diploma. In 1988 the Diploma level qualification was altered to feature four 3 hour exams and conclusion of a case study. Applicants scoring over 75% attained a distinction.

In the early 1990s, NEBOSH initiated to separate itself from IOSH formally. In March 1992, NEBOSH combined as a limited company with Companies House. In April 1992, NEBOSH listed as a charity with the Charity Commission and then appointed its first Chief Executive, Martin Shuttle worth, two months later. In December 1992, the NEBOSH Specialist Environmental Diploma was pushed, trailed shortly by the NEBOSH Construction Certificate. In June 1997 NEBOSH presented a credit mark to validate a high score in an exam - sitting just below a distinction. The two-part Diploma was presented in June 1998. NEBOSH enthused offices to Meridian Business Park, Leicester in 1999.

Stephen Vickers acquired up to the position of NEBOSH Chief Executive in April 2000. Six months later the Experiences and Curriculum Authority (QCA) - now The Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator (Ofqual) credited NEBOSH as a donation body. In March 2001, designator letters were presented for owners of NEBOSH higher level awards. In September 2001, almost 22 years after the creation of NEBOSH, Dolores Lavander of West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS) became the 50,000th NEBOSH examination candidate. A performance to mark the event was held at WMFS head office. More new qualifications, the NEBOSH Fire Certificate and NEBOSH International General Certificate, were launched. Current NEBOSH Chief Managerial, Teresa Budworth, appropriated up her role in March 2006. Two months later the first ever NEBOSH Graduation Ceremony took place at the University of Warwick. A further landmark was attained in June 2006 when the 100,000th NEBOSH General Certificate was given to David Marsh. In October 2006, NEBOSH enthused offices to its current location of 5 Dominus Way, Meridian Business Park, Leicester.

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