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    MSP® certifications open a new world of opportunities

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    Learn how to apply MSP® methodology within organisational projects

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    Add valuable asset to your qualification portfolio by achieving an MSP® certification

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    Our courses are delivered by MSP® certified and highly experienced instructors

MSP® stands for Managing Successful Programs. MSP® helps organisations manage their programmes, projects, and services consistently. It also provides a set of programme management techniques or practices for successful delivery of transformational change by implementing programme management within organisations.

MSP® is widely used within organisations (both public and private) as it provides a framework that breaks down complex change into small manageable and interrelated projects for the purpose of high or desired output.

MSP® Training Courses

Course Information

MSP® methodologies are very helpful for those who need to manage and deliver programmes within budget and timeframe.

It is very a flexible approach that can be adapted according to various situations.

MSP® training includes the following courses:


MSP® Foundation

MSP® Foundation is the entry level MSP® Certification. It is an introductory training course, which acts as a prerequisite for the more advanced MSP® training levels. In MSP® Foundation, delegates will learn about basic MSP® concepts, and the frequently used terminologies.


MSP® Practitioner

MSP® Practitioner is for professionals who see the need for controlled approaches to the management of programmes, projects, and portfolios. To undergo this training course, delegates must hold the MSP® Foundation certificate.


MSP® Advanced Practitioner

MSP® Advanced Practitioner is for professionals who are MSP® Practitioner certified and want to upgrade their skills to an advanced level. 


Pentagon Training also provides the MSP® Re-Registration.

This training course exists to ensure delegates knowledge of MSP® remains up-to-date and revised.


Why should I attend a MSP® training course?

MSP® training is intended for those delegates or organisations who seek a controlled approach to programme management. 

The MSP® approach is flexible and adaptable to any programme type or size. 


What are the benefits of taking MSP® courses?

  • Learn how to create a vision and blueprint for transformational change.
  • Plan and deliver the projects on time with desired quality.
  • Effectively breakdown complex projects into clearly defined smaller projects and also provide a framework for handling them.
  • Discover the various roles and responsibilities of the programme manager and team members.
  • Learn the techniques that are required to manage risks and make sure the programmes respond to change.


Who should take this course

MSP® training courses are suitable for programme managers, programme support team members, etc. from any discipline.


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