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As an ITIL® Expert, it is important to understand how all phases of ITIL® Lifecycle interacts with each other. ITIL® Service Lifecycle - Managing Across The Lifecycle is the final step in attaining an ITIL® Expert qualification. The delegates will be able to know about the strategic design, deployment and management of capabilities and resources for IT Service Lifecycle. This training addresses and interfaces interactions and organisational requirements between the processes addressed in the following five core ITIL® publications:

Who should take this course

ITIL® Service Lifecycle- Managing Across the Lifecycle course is best suited for the following audience:

  • Supervisors
  • IT Development Practitioners
  • Senior IT Managers
  • Chief Information Officers
  • IT Operations Practitioners
  • The professionals who want to have an understanding of business and management level ITIL® service lifecycle and how it may be implemented to enhance the quality of IT service provision within an organisation.
  • This is the final module for professionals seeking the ITIL® Expert in IT Service Management Certificate.


  • ITIL® Foundation Certification required before attending this course
  • One must have attained 17+ credits before attending this course

What Will You Learn

  • Get to know about the core principles that are used in ITIL®
  • Learn to manage all phases of Service Lifecycle rather than single phase
  • Identify the value of implementing the concept of service lifecycle
  • Learn how to deliver effective services across the lifecycle
  • Discover various ways for organising transitioning services

What's included

  Course Overview

In Pentagon Training’s ITIL® Managing Across the Lifecycle, the delegates will examine the interfaces and interactions between the processes or operations covered in the service lifecycle. This training helps candidates to combine the knowledge of different ITIL® areas in the service lifecycle into a single service management strategy.


The delegates will have to pass an examination that will be conducted at the end of the training to measure the level of knowledge or understanding attained during the course. The exam will be of 8 Scenario based Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’s), each question has four options, one has to select one correct answer out of it. Your performance will be measured by the number of correct answers you attended.         

You will need to have 7o percentage marks to clear the exam. Our experienced and certified trainers will help the delegates to have a deep understanding of the subject.

The exam will be of 90 minutes, and you need to complete all questions within that time only. No extra time will be provided for any reason.

English would be used as default language during the exam. Selection of language depends upon the comfort of the trainer only.

All details regarding exam will be provided during the training before the exam. If you still have some query, you can contact our help and support team anytime.


  Course Content

Introduction to Managing Across the Lifecycle

  • Define Managing Across the Lifecycle
  • Basic concepts and terminologies
  • Prerequisites for the Managing Across the Lifecycle exam
  • Structure and scoring of the Managing Across the Lifecycle exam
  • Managing Across the Lifecycle exam case study

Key Concepts of the Service Lifecycle

  • Define Services and service management
  • Role of IT service management
  • Element of assessment
  • Risk Management Styles
  • knowledge management importance and the SKMS
  • Business value of various ITIL® lifecycle stages
  • Organising operations and functions for service management
  • Effect of clarifying roles and responsibilities
  • Use of RACI

Integrate Service Management Processes Across the ITIL® Service Lifecycle

  • How to integrate service management procedures across the ITIL® lifecycle
  • Input and output of various lifecycle stages
  • Relationship between various stages of ITIL® service lifecycle
  • Value and interfaces of the different processes in service management

Communication and Stakeholder Management

  • Business relationship management across the lifecycle
  • Plan of action coordination
  • Communications and commitment in ITIL® lifecycle
  • Stakeholder management and communication
  • Use of service models
  • Planning Communication
  • Business relationship management in the communication activities

Manage various services Across the ITIL® Lifecycle

  • Define services across the service lifecycle
  • Operations staff in another stage of service lifecycle
  • An approach to balanced design and its importance
  • Information sources that are helpful in the service implementation and improvement
  • Factors relevant to strategic assessments
  • Service transition lifecycle stages
  • Handling services across the lifecycle
  • Efficient and effective service management with design coordination and move strategy and support
  • Challenges, risks, and critical success issues

Governance, Roles, People, Competence, and the Organization

  • Management, activities, framework, and governance bodies
  • Relating strategy to governance
  • Service providers set direction, policy and strategy
  • Change management
  • Management systems
  • Establish and maintain a service management system
  • Organisation development and departmentalization
  • Logical structure for a service provider
  • Functions and the types of services providers
  • Implementing and sourcing strategies

 Introduction to Measurement

  • Measure and demonstrate value
  • Determine and use metrics
  • Approaches to effective control and monitoring
  • Use of event management tools

 Implement and Improve capabilities of Service Management

  • Implement service management, its processes
  • Types of assessments and conducting assessments
  • Techniques to improve service management
  • Methods for implementing service management
  • Business value of service portfolio management

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