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    Get to know about the methods and techniques needed to manage and control the functions within CSI phase of the service lifecycle

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    Determine various metrics to measure CSI performance

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Once a service is developed by any organisation, it is very important to monitor and control the service for enhancing its quality continuously. Continual Service Improvement(CSI) process make use of the principles from quality management for determining success and failure in the past. ITIL® Service Lifecycle - Continual Service Improvement course help the delegates to enhance the quality of IT processes and services.  

Pentagon Training’s ITIL® Service Lifecycle - Continual Service Improvement course is designed to focus on the methods and techniques that are used in the development process from the Continual Service Improvement phase of the Service Lifecycle.

Who should take this course

ITIL® Service Lifecycle – Continual Service Improvement course is beneficial for the following audience:

  • Those who want to have a practical knowledge regarding the practical aspects of ITI® Continual Service Improvement phase of the Service Lifecycle
  • Individuals who want to improve the quality of IT service provision within an organisation
  • The professionals who want to have an ITIL® Expert Certification and ITIL® Service Lifecycle – Continual Service Improvement is a prerequisite


The professions who want to attend ITIL® Service Lifecycle – Continual Service Improvement course must hold ITIL® Foundation course.


What Will You Learn

  • Get to know about the Key concepts and terminologies used in CSI stage of ITIL® Service Lifecycle
  • Learn to enhance the quality of IT services and processes within the organisation
  • Learn the processes, functions, and activities involved in CSI

What's included

  Course Overview

Pentagon Training introduces ITIL® Service Lifecycle - Continual Service Improvement course that aims to improve the efficiency of IT services and operations continuously. This course focuses on a review of the services and products that the organisations have produced by following the plan, strategy, design, transition and operation stages of the ITIL® Service Lifecycle.

Following are some processes involved in ITIL® Continual Service Improvement:


Service Review

It includes reviewing the business services and infrastructure services. Its aim is to improve the quality of services whenever necessary.

Process Evaluation

It includes evaluating the process on a regular basis. Identify the targeted areas and holding regular bench markings, audits and reviews.

Definition of CSI Initiatives

Define the specific initiatives aimed at enhancing the services and processes based on the results or service reviews.

Monitoring of CSI Initiatives

Determine if the improvement processes are proceeding as it was planned and to use corrective measures.


The delegates will have to pass an examination that will be conducted at the end of the training to measure the level of knowledge or understanding attained during the course. The exam will be of 8 Scenario based Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’s), each question has four options, one has to select one correct answer out of it. Your performance will be measured by the number of correct answers you attended.         

You will need to have 7o percentage marks to clear the exam. Our experienced and certified trainers will help the delegates to have a deep understanding of the subject. 

The exam will be of 90 minutes, and you need to complete all questions within that time only. No extra time will be provided for any reason.

The language used in the exam would be English. Selection of language depends upon the comfort of the trainer.

All details regarding exam will be provided during the training before the exam. If you still have some query, you can contact our help and support team anytime.


  Course Content

 Introduction and Overview

  • Define Continual Service Improvement
  • Scope and goals of CSI
  • Objective and purpose of CSI
  • How to embed CSI into organisational processes
  • How to create business value
  • CSI approach

Principles of Continual Service Improvement

  • Establish accountability
    • Introduction to unambiguous ownership and its roles
    • Support CSI application and register
    • Service Level Management and CSI
  • Provide adequate governance
    • Knowledge management
    • Apply or implement CSI with the Demand cycle
    • Service Measurement
    • Ensure effective governance with CSI
    • Support CSI with frameworks, models, standards and quality systems

 The seven –step improvement process

  • Determine what to measure
    • Define what to measure
    • Conduct gap analysis
  • Gather Data
    • Data processing
    • Analysing data
    • How to present and use the information?
    • Implement corrective actions
    • Integrate CSI with the other stages of the lifecycle

 Methods and Techniques

  • Activities for delivering CSI
    • Perform gap analysis
    • Implement benchmarking
    • Design and Analyse service measurement frameworks
    • Create ROI (Return on Investment)
    • Articulating service reporting
  • Key metrics
    • Technology metrics
    • Process metrics
    • CSFs and KPIs
    • Service metrics
    • Initiating a SWOT analysis
    • Measure benefits to the business
  • Support CSI activities
    • Availability Management
    • Capability Management
    • IT Service Continuity Management
    • Problem Management
    • Knowledge Management

 Organisation and Technology Considerations

  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Organisational structure supporting CSI
  • Specify tool requirements for implementation success
  • Automated incident and problem resolution
  • Statistical analysis tools
  • Business intelligence and reporting

 Implementing Continual Service Improvement

  • Key considerations
    • Analyse the starting point
    • Relating role of governance
    • Determine the effect of organisational change
    • Construct a communication strategy and plan
  • Implementation Challenges and risks
    • Establish critical success factors
    • KPIs
    • Develop risk-benefit analysis

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