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Value Management is a method of project control process based on cost minimisation, an approach to plan, and measurement of performance. It allows integration of project cost, scope, and time with the establishment of a baseline plan for performance measurement.

It gives a definition of value that includes both monetary and non-monetary benefits. It gives a method, supported by techniques, for allocating funds as efficiently as possible. It supports sustainable decision making, depends upon adding value, by addressing both monetary and non-monetary factors. There are two paths to doing this either do the Foundation and the Practitioner modules separately as two courses or do the Foundation & Practioner module that covers the contents of the two courses in a single module.

Value Management Courses

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Management of Value (MoV®) is all about enhanced value in line with the programme and project objectives and the requirements of key stakeholder. It is not merely about minimising costs. The core knowledge is planned and complete, and well-rounded modules cover the methodology and many techniques. This training provides essential knowledge for the most effective use of resources to enhance the benefits from portfolios, programmes, and projects. MoV is a set of principles, processes and techniques.

MoV® is a combination of a set of principles, processes and techniques.It captures fundamental stakeholder necessities for what products should do rather than what they are. Delegates will also know the principles to implement it.


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What is Value Management?

MoV is all about increasing value in line with project objectives. It captures fundamental stakeholder necessities for what products should do rather than what they are.

Management of Value (MoV®) is focussed on improving benefits and reducing the cost to increase the speed of the delivery without impacting the scope of project or service quality. MoV® provides a definition of value that includes both monetary and non-monetary.

Why should I take this course?

We should take the course as this is very demanding for all those who are responsible for starting a new project. In this course, delegates will also learn about principles of MoV® such as align with organisation activities, balance the variable and assign roles to the team. Delegates will also learn about how to deliver best taking into account the requirement of stakeholders.

What are the benefits of taking Value Management?

Benefits of taking Value Management course are:

  • Increase benefits, decrease cost and speed up delivery without affecting project scope
  • Enable more effective delivery by using fewer resources to better effect
  • Learn how to respond to external and internal influences
  • Understand principles of embedding MoV into a business
  • Know conditions under which MoV can be implemented in an organisation

Why choose PentagonTraining?

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