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    Gain awareness of basic project management concepts

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    Plan and manage a project for businesses

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    Become effective, successful Project Managers

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    Explore fundamental areas such as teamwork, budgeting, and challenges

This APMP project fundamentals training course is an extraordinary way to acquire a basic awareness of project management and how projects differ from activities.

Our APMP training covers wide-ranging topics like budgeting and cost management, conflict management, communication, earned value management, leadership, and so much more that is essential to monitoring and controlling projects. 

APMP Training Courses

Course Information

This APMP training course provides delegates with an introduction to the important concepts of project management. Delegates will receive a study manual that they can keep and use for future reference. After the training, delegates will be able to successfully build, manage, plan, and execute a project plan for an organisation.

Delegates will increase their project management competence and knowledge, and will develop the ability and self-confidence to handle the challenges posed by complex projects.

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What is APMP Training?

APMP is a certification that focuses on an individual's understanding of APMP topics, their interaction, and how their project fits into the strategic and commercial environment of their organisation.

APMP is a perfect training course for Project Managers and also those who aspire to be Project Managers. APMP certifications provide delegates with a better understanding of the tools, processes, and language of project management. Delegates will also be ready to accurately assess the success of projects and benefits while preparing the required project documentation.

Why should I take APMP training?

APMP training is renowned in the field of project management. Delegates will learn how to manage projects and create budgets. APMP also helps delegates to be successful in important project areas such as teamwork, budgeting and cost management, and conflict management.

What are the benefits of APMP Training? 

Delegates will gain an understanding of the role of Project Managers, which will in turn improve business development capabilities. Delegates will also acquire knowledge of how to focus on best team practices, and gain the respect of their peers, clients, and organisational leaders.

Benefits of participating in APMP training are as follows:

  • Handle challenging projects
  • Implement project management planning
  • Describe project scope
  • Contribute to a positive result of project
  • Know roles of Project Managers
  • Apply international standards of project management to real-world scenarios

Why choose Pentagon Training?

Pentagon Training is one of the best training providers of APMP certifications. Our instructors are certified and experienced, and the content delivered is of high quality. Pentagon Training is trusted by professionals and industry leading brands. 

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