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    Learn how to identify and resolve problems with business processes

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    Encounter new challenges on a regular basis

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    Business Analysis certifications are accredited by the PeopleCert

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    Expand the benefits experienced by businesses

The job of a Business Analyst is to extend their traditional role of developing and maintaining IT systems. A Business Analyst must familiarise themselves with the business strategy and use proven techniques to identify and analyse changes to business processes, whilst meeting internal and external challenges.


Business Analysis Training Courses

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What is Business Analysis training?

The objective of this training is to develop the required professional skills to work with alongside senior management, analysing model business activities. Delegates learn how to identify business problems and recommend solutions for such problems during this training. The training starts by defining the Business Analysis discipline and the terms associated with it. It then goes on to perform analysis using real examples, to demonstrate how Business Analysis can be applied in working environments.

Business Analysis Training is comprised of various levels, namely:

  • Foundation
  • Practitioner

The Foundation level is an introductory Business Analysis training course, whereas Practitioner is a more advanced certification. These levels are made up of specific courses (1 or more than 1) that must be completed before gaining the Foundation or Practitioner level certification. 

To start the Business Analysis journey, delegates must attend a Foundation course. They must appear for two out of three of the below training courses and consequent exams:

These three exams constitute the core of the Business Analysis Foundation training.

The second level is the Practitioner section in which delegates must complete four of the following exams:

The International Diploma in Business Analysis comprises four exams plus an oral exam.

Our Business Analysis training courses are appropriate for anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge of Business Analysis generally. 


Why should I take a Business Analysis training course?

By attaining a Business Analysis certification from BCS, candidates are demonstrating their ability to meet high standards set by the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT. As of now, there are over 70,000 Business Analysts worldwide who are certified with BCS.


What are the benefits of Business Analysis training?

  • Business Analysis delivers benefits to business by ensuring that the business solution eventually delivered by technical specialists not only conforms to requirements, but also that the original requirements will in fact address business problems, reduce business risks, or generate business value.
  • Delegates working within Business Analysis are more likely to work on a variety of projects, which reduces the potential for boredom and complacency. They are faced with new challenges on a regular basis, and network with and learn from a range of people.
  • This enables them to learn and develop new skills arising from challenges they face and people they encounter on the way.
  • The salary is more than working as a permanent or long-term tenured employee.
  • There is greater flexibility with choosing work and projects.
  • Business Analysts have the luxury of focusing on specific outcomes and deliverables for which they are employed.


Why choose Pentagon Training?

Pentagon Training is one of the best providers in Business Analysis training. The Business Analysis instructors at Pentagon are required to be certified before they can start imparting their knowledge to the delegates. The instructors also have years of Business Analysis experience also. As well as this, delegates will obtain practical experience in the form of hands-on sessions.

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