About Eastleigh


Eastleigh is located in Borough of England and it is its main town. Eastleigh is part of South Hampshire and lies between Southampton and Winchester. Before Railway was major reason for growth but now this town is home to many businesses. Eastleigh is located on River Itchen which is one of the major chalk streams of England for fly fishing.


Eastleigh lies on Old Roaman Road which is built in between Winchester and Bitterne. During Roman time settlement existed here. According to the records village ‘ East Leah’ has been present since 932 AD. Additional proof of this is King Athelstan granted land to military aid in 932 AD. East prefix before the name of Eastleigh means its location with respect to the settlement. Domesday book gave detailed information about this place that is referred to as ‘ Estelle’.


There are two colleges in Eastleigh, namely Barton Peveril Sixth Form College and Eastleigh College. Secondary Schools include Crestwood College and primary schools include Norwood Primary School, Cherbourg Primary School, Nightingale Primary School, Shakespeare Infant and Junior School to north of Eastleigh and Crescent Primary School.

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