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    Gain efficient Project Management skills

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    Understand the knowledge of process groups

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    Cost Managing and Quality Managing skills

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    Learn to use quality tools

In today’s businesses where Project Management is becoming one of the most sought after qualification, the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® an entry-level certification for project managers is a boon. The CAPM® course targets those who have little or no project experience. It helps to establish the necessary knowledge,  and methods of project management efficiently.

The certified experts can start their careers as business analysts and project managers. The CAPM® professional’s middle-Level jobs include various designations in project management.


PMI, PMP, CAPM, PMBOK and The PMI Registered Education Provider logo are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

Project Management Institute, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth Edition, Project Management Institute Inc., 2013.


Who should take this course

  • Professionals who seek to manage bigger projects
  • Want to have a higher standard of responsibility
  • Those who would like to add project management to their skill list
  • Anyone involved in the project.
  • It is also for those candidates who wish to achieve a better understanding of practical, formal project management methods to pass the CAPM® exam.


There is no prerequisite for this course but for sitting in the exam, the delegate must have a Higher Secondary degree or equivalent. Also, the 1500 hours experience is recommended though not mandatory to sit  the exam.


What Will You Learn

The candidates involved in the CAPM® Certification Training will learn the following concepts during the course:

  • Distinguish Between Project And Operational Work
  • Learn About The Key Activities Required To Determine Whether To Start A New Project Or Continue An Earlier One
  • Create A Detailed Plan For The Project Which Will Include Scope, Time And Cost Baselines As Well As The Management Strategies For The Project
  • Describe The Need Of Quality Planning, Assurance And Control
  • Identify, Analyse And Administer Project Hazards
  • Various Reporting And Control Techniques To Manage A Project
  • The Interpersonal Skills Required To Manage Communication Between Team And Stakeholders
  • List Activities To Close A Project

What's included

  Course Overview

The persons can gain skills as that of successful project managers by undertaking this course. Delegates who are wishful to gain project management skills can leverage from this certification as it validates their professional knowledge. The acquired knowledge applied to the workplace helps them developing the practical competence of project management. After finishing this training, delegates will be CAPM® Professionals. The benefits of this CAPM® certification are:

  • Knowledge of project initiation
  • Efficient project preparation and planning
  • Implementing, Handling, controlling and completing a project
  • Monitoring costs of activity
  • Highly quality assurance
  • Managing a project team


The CAPM® Certification Training is a proficiency-based exam. It lasts for three hours and is a Closed Book Exam. The candidate is supposed to answer one hundred and fifty questions during that time. There are One hundred and thirty-five scored and fifteen unscored questions in the exam. During the exam, no break time is provided. In the case of a candidate requires a pause, the clock does not stop.


  Course Content

  • Project Management and Processes in Perspective
    • Project Management – The Terminology, Process Groups and Knowledge Areas
    • Process Groups and Knowledge Areas - Differences
    • Determine when the output of one process leads to the output of the another process
    • Recognise Where The Same Tools and Techniques are Used
  • Project Management and Integration
    • Overview of Project Integration and Management
    • Six Processes
    • Elements of Project Management Plan
    • Purpose and Procedures of the Project Change Management
  •  Managing scope of projects
    • An Overview of Project Scope Management and its processes
    • ITTO’s of Six Processes
    • The aim and components of Work Breakdown Structure
    • What is the purpose of specification requirement document?
  •  Project Time Management
    • Define Project Time Management?
    • Describe seven processes of time management
    • Seven Processes ITTO’s
    • Evaluating estimates of Activities
    • Objectives and Techniques of Sequencing Activities
    • Using network diagrams to classify Critical Path Activities
  •  Project Cost Management
    • Project Time Management and The Four Processes
    • The ITTO’s of Four Processes
    • Understand The Concept of Earned Value Management (EVM)
  • Project Quality Management
    • Project Quality Management and The Three Processes
    • The ITTO’s Associated with these Three Processes
    • Describing Quality Tools
    • Applying quality tools to Identify Issues, Root Causes, Trends, and/or Problems

More About CAPM® Certification

Those candidates who already process this certification, they can recertify for this CAPM® Certification after a period of five years. The recertification start date is four years from the date of certification and the last date to recertify is on completion of the five years. In case a candidate certifies on 19-May-2017, his/her recertification start date will be 18-May-2021, and the last date for recertification will be 18-May-2022. The New Certification starts from 19-May-2022.

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