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The organisations require IT Infrastructure, Security and networking skills. The CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) is a unified voice in IT community. It offers IT skills by providing Network+, Security+ and A+ Certifications. With our CompTIA Training, the delegates will become proficient in IT skills. We offer deep knowledge of IT's network security and infrastructure.

The A+ course enables candidates with essential software and hardware skills. Security+ course is designed to provide the complete knowledge of network security. Network+ course empowers delegates to administer wired and wireless networks.

CompTIA Training Courses

Course Information

The CompTIA Training is designed to validate IT skills. Some vendors require their trainees to certify CompTIA A+ before enrolling into jobs. Delegates will become good in IT infrastructure and security after completing these CompTIA courses.

CompTIA Training

What is CompTIA Certification?

The full form of CompTIA is Computing Technology Industry Association. It issues certifications to the persons who complete the training provided by accredited training providers and pass the respective exam. CompTIA was created in 1982. It delivers the professional certification in over 120 countries and provided certifications to 2.2 million people. 

The CompTIA’s expansion results into the increased membership from 2050 members to more than 50,000 in 2015. It launched the Dream IT program in 2014 for girls and women in the United States who are the aspirants for the IT industry. It launched the online resource for schools in June 2015. 

Steps for achieving CompTIA certification:

  • The first step is to enrol into the levels of CompTIA Certification. These levels are:
    • A+ Level: The candidates who want to start a career by recognising the IT infrastructure should attend Foundation course.
    • Security+ Level: This level provides the skills about risk identification and resolution.
    • Network+ Level: Get the expertise level networking skills in this level.
  • After selecting one of the levels, the delegates can enrol into courses by one of the delivery methods such as online training, instructor-led and self-study training.
  • The candidates have to book for the required exam.

What is IT Security?

The Information Technology’s security is the protection of digital information and IT resources from Internal, external and malicious threats. The protection mechanism includes threat detection and prevention by using the security policies, software tools and IT services. There are two types of security. One is data information security and second is computer security.

The need of Security:

  • The security is needed to defend against the attackers and hackers.
  • The essential information should not be accessed by the unauthorised persons.

Various kinds of attacks:

Without the proper security, the network may subject to attack. There are two types of attacks:

  • Passive attacks: These attacks are executed just to monitor the information.
  • Active attacks: These attacks alter the data intentionally to destroy the data of a system or network.

The software and network system is vulnerable to the following types of attacks:

  • Denial-of-Service attack: It hinders the system performance by not permitting the authorised users to use the assets.
  • Sniffer attack: These attacks can attack the system by using the sniffer software which helps them to read the information and analyse the network.
  • Brute-Force attack: The intruders try passwords with the hope of guessing them. They can also use keys which are generated from the passwords to guess the password.


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