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    Enhance your earning potential significantly by getting certified in MSP® Practitioner course

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    PeopleCert fully accredits MSP® Practitioner course

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    Our well experienced and certified instructors provide the best assistance to clear the exam

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    Understand to apply the concepts of MSP® to project scenario

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    Lead effectively as a programme manager

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    Pentagon training provides this course at an affordable price as we value your money

It is important to implement the concepts that are learnt in MSP® Foundation. MSP® Practitioner includes method and technology needed to successfully apply and implement MSP® concepts within the organisation.

Pentagon Training's MSP® Practitioner course is accredited by PeopleCert. This course will develop delegates' understanding of how to apply and interpret MSP® principles in a real programme scenario. Our course follows the curriculum issued by the MSP® Examination Board for MSP® Practitioner qualification.

Our instructors prepare delegates well to sit for MSP® Practitioner exam and clear it in the first attempt. The intent of the course is to provide delegate’s in-depth understanding of MSP® philosophy and ways to apply it to the programmes.


Who should take this course

MSP® Practitioner course is best suited for the following audience:

  • Programme Managers who want to practice MSP® in their organisations
  • Change Managers
  • Project and Programme Sponsors
  • Senior Managers and Executives
  • MSP® Trainers
  • SRO’s

This course is highly beneficial for those delegates who want to implement MSP® framework into their organisation.




  • For MSP® Practitioner course, the delegates must have completed MSP® Foundation course
  • Delegates must also possess some Programme Management experience within the same field
  • Get Familiar with MSP® principles and processes and apply them effectively within the organisation for better results

What Will You Learn

  • Get to know about ways to build capabilities to eventually bring benefits for the organisation
  • Understand impact of external changes on programme
  • Understand the strategic nature, area of change and what brought that change
  • Recognise Programme management environment
  • Work by principles of Programme Management
  • Apply MSP® guidance to real life programs at an advanced level
  • Understand the activities that must be undertaken by each defined MSP® roles during the process of transformational flow
  • Produce, evaluate and suggest improvements to MSP® principles applied in an organisation
  • Assess the effectiveness of MSP® principles, governance themes and transformational flow processes application
  • Learn to apply MSP® guidance for proper delivery of projects
  • Make use of advanced techniques of Managing Successful Programme framework
  • Learn how to use programme management for planning and delivering programme effectively
  • Know when to use Programme Management Framework and its approach to an organisation
  • Adapt programme approach to the organisation to meet requirements of both large programme environment and sponsoring organisation
  • Develop alternative approaches to improving the effectiveness of the application of MSP® principles etc
  • Prepare well for the MSP® Practitioner Exam and gain the certification
  • Enable delegates to deal with erroneous behaviours and decisions
  • Gain the ability to start, plan and lead MSP® based programme
  • Become better project managers
  • Optimise people power, financial resources and also enhance the chances of project success
  • Define programme and understand how strategy or vision can be broken down into smaller projects
  • Delegates involved in programme management will be able to understand their roles and responsibilities

What's included

  Course Overview

It mainly focuses on process-based approach for Programme Management with distinct MSP® processes, principles, controls and responsibilities. Build the skills needed to prepare for MSP® Practitioner examination and also enhance confidence. This course will develop delegates in every aspect such as learn how to deal with changes during life cycle of programme. It enables delegates to analyse and evaluate programmes and make required changes. Also, understand how MSP® approach can be applied to organisational programmes and changing environments. Delegates will also learn to tailor MSP® according to the programme environment. The course is entirely based on knowledge acquired from MSP® Foundation and MSP® Practitioner course. PeopleCert accredits this course; delegates will possess the skill set as well as knowledge to lead organisation regardless of its size.


The delegate will have to pass an examination that will be conducted at the end of the training. The exam consists of 2-3 Multiple Choice, scenario based Questions (MCQ’s). Four options will be provided, out of which one would be the correct answer and one have to select that. 

One will need to have 50 percent marks to clear the exam. Our trainers will help the delegates to have a deep understanding of the subject. 

The exam is 3 hours, and one needs to complete all questions within this period only. It will be closed book exam.

The language used in the exam would be English. In case, someone is not comfortable with English; we can try to provide the exam in another language by consulting our trainer. Selection of language depends upon the comfort of the trainer.

All other details regarding exams will be provided during the training by our experts.


  Course Content

Module 1

  • History of MSP®
  • MSP® structure
  • Introduction to programme management principles
  • Basic elements of MSP® method
  • Organisation and Leadership skills
  • Programme management principles
  • Stakeholder and Leadership engagement
  • Benefits of Management to organisation
  • Programme organisation
  • Blueprint design and delivery
  • Planning and controlling MSP®

Module 2

  • Recap of flow process
  • Programme office
  • Roles and responsibilities of programme manager
  • MSP® transformational flow
  • Plan for decision making
  • MSP® principles and methods
  • Understand benefits of change
  • Necessity for change
  • Adopting MSP®
  • Resource provision
  • Applying MSP® in an organisation
  • Design pragmatic solutions
  • Implement pragmatic solutions in programmes
  • Link MSP® theory with MSP® care and personal experience
  • Governance themes
  • Vision
  • MSP® healthcare

Module 3

  • Business case
  • Risk Management
  • Issue Management
  • Quality
  • Assurance
  • Programmes in MSP®
    • Identify programme
    • Define a programme
  • Manage tranches
  • Delivery capability
  • Realise the benefits
  • Close programmes

MSP® Advanced Practitioner Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
MSP® Advanced Practitioner 2 Days Canterbury
MSP® Advanced Practitioner 2 Days Eastleigh
MSP® Advanced Practitioner 2 Days Chelmsford
MSP® Advanced Practitioner 2 Days Chorley
MSP® Advanced Practitioner 2 Days Glasgow
MSP® Advanced Practitioner 2 Days Guildford
MSP® Advanced Practitioner 2 Days Ipswich
MSP® Advanced Practitioner 2 Days Leicester
MSP® Advanced Practitioner 2 Days Oxford
MSP® Advanced Practitioner 2 Days Plymouth