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This course was initially developed by Motorola in 1986 with more emphasis on time-cycle enhancement and decreasing manufacturing defects to a minimum level of 3.4 per million. With the passage of time, Six Sigma has progressed into a general philosophy about customer requirements, improving retention of clients, and emerging and supporting business products and services.

Six Sigma is one of the class improvement processes which includes gathering and adjusting the information data from different business groups and then trying to identify the defects of the process. Once the concerned person finds the faults, then he will focus on reducing all those errors in a short span of time along with high variability in manufacturing and business processes.

It supports the creation of a proper infrastructure of people who are expert in applying the set of quality management methods which includes an empirical method and statistical method at the most. There is a sequence of steps with the complete assignment of specific value targets to each step which a Six Sigma professional follows.

The following graph shows the relation between quality and sigma level relationship:




Cost of poor quality v/s Sigma level

Who should take this course

The Six Sigma Black Belt upgrade training helpful to all the people from the following category:

  • Senior Management for the purpose of managing the tasks efficiently
  • Management students for learning the benefits of using various methodologies
  • Team leaders for handling the teams correctly
  • Software Professionals to develop high-quality software after applying techniques to manage variability
  • Administration of the company if they are implementing Six Sigma
  • Project Managers when trying to complete projects of extreme importance
  • Quality Assurance Engineers for analysing and improving the quality
  • Members of Software Quality Assurance team
  • Audit managers for managing audits of various companies
  • Security professionals for implementing policies judicially


There are certain requirements that one needs to fulfil before becoming the Six Sigma Black Belt upgrade professional and get six sigma black belt certification. These include:

  • There is need to have a Green Belt Status in advance before starting up with the course.
  • The in-hand experience of basic six sigma concept and techniques.

What Will You Learn

  • Apply various Lean concepts like 5S, waste reduction, process mapping, value stream mapping and mistake proofing.
  • Knowing as to how to work with multiple levels of leadership
  • Presenting these projects to instructors, peers and managers.
  • Execution of DMAIC projects and defining the scope
  • Understand advanced statistical analyses for determining the relationship between the primary inputs and process outputs and apply more basics to it.
  • Removing fences and achieving project success.
  • Final projects and managing over control to process owners
  • Manage the team dynamics efficiently and at a faster pace.
  • Apply DMAIC tools to business issues and change projects from phase to phase.

What's included

  Course Overview

Six Sigma is an ideology which focuses on improving several statistics that forms a part of the business process with the advancement of tools and techniques. It advocates the stepping ahead of qualitative extends over qualitative indicators to get success in near future. The achievement of credibility will be there if these techniques are applied to enhance the work performances by different employees.

In this course, the candidates will learn the advanced version of Six Sigma Black Belt which comprises of a statistical benchmark to consider any business process as efficient as it has to produce less than 3.4 defects per 1 million chances. The error which this system generates includes the production of those things that are outside the consumer satisfaction.

Once the tutorial for detection of the failure is complete, there is a training program and certification that relates to the core principles of Six Sigma. With a pre-defined path, practitioners can achieve Six Sigma belt level which includes upgrade level of black belt 


  Course Content

Full consideration is given to SIX SIGMA training, to the learner’s needs and keeping in mind their necessities; the Six Sigma Black Belt upgrade training includes the following details as a part of the course content:

Innovative ways

  • Management meeting
  • Charting of responsibilities
  • Wheel improvement
  • Change with emotional cycle
  • Running a critical issues workshop

Working with Advanced Tools

  • Balancing in work
  • RRS
  • Value stream mapping
  • Gage R&R
  • T & F test
  • Experiment designs
  • Charts with Advanced Controls

Managing operational performance

  • Performance Management Dashboard design
  • Using performance management Dashboard
  • Management meeting
  • Working with improvement wheel
  • Interpreting trends
  • Using visual management
  • Developing a business case
  • Reporting performance management

Leadership techniques

  • Five leadership principles
  • Constructing a high-performance team
  • Situational leadership
  • How to run quick win teams?
  • How to run rapid action teams?
  • T & F tests
  • Ways to manage resistance
  • Coaching and feedback

Working with capability analysis

  • Attribute data
  • Continuous standard data
  • Continuous non-normal data

Change Management

Measurement system analysis

  • Introduction
  • Attribute agreement analysis
  • Continuous data

Working with techniques

  • Simulation exercise
  • Logistic regression
  • Control charts
  • Variable SPC techniques
  • Attribute SPC techniques
  • Control methods
  • Introduction to surveys
  • DMAIC review & final report
  • Proportions testing
  • Mean and variance test
  • GOF contingency table
  • Sample size selection
  • One way ANOVA
  • Improve Phase roadmap

Working with designs

  • Getting Design of Experience familiarity
  • 2K fractional DOE Designs
  • Full factorial designs
  • 2K factorial designs
  • Attribute DOE

Project reviews

  • Introduction and meaning
  • Testing analysis assumptions
  • Minitab graphical techniques
  • Flow review
  • Theorem of central limit
  • Confidence intervals
  • Pull review

Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade 5 Day London
Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade 5 Day Belfast
Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade 5 Day Leeds
Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade 5 Day Manchester
Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade 5 Day Reading
Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade 5 Day Edinburgh
Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade 5 Day Canterbury
Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade 5 Day Chelmsford
Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade 5 Day Chorley
Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade 5 Day Guildford