About Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton is a city located in West Midlands. The people from the city are known as "Wulfrunian". The city was founded in 985 by Wulfrun as a part of Staffordshire, hence the name. Before that the area was known as Hamtun, Wulfrun being added as a prefix somewhere in 1070 AD only. A variant of this name as Wolveren Hampton is seen recorded in 1381.

The city grew with a specialisation in the woollen trade. During the Industrial Revolution, Wolverhampton was a major centre for various industries.  The city relies on engineering as well as the service sector for boosting the economy. This also includes the aerospace industry.


Wolverhampton is governed locally by Wolverhampton City Council. The South Staffordshire District Council administers the urban area. The area managed by the City Council is represented in the national United Kingdom Parliament by MPs. These MPs represent Wolverhampton South West, Wolverhampton South East and Wolverhampton North East constituencies. The areas ruled by the South Staffordshire District Council is represented by South Staffordshire . In the European Parliament, Wolverhampton forms a part of the West Midlands constituency.

The City of Wolverhampton being a metropolitan borough provides all services to the district. But South Staffordshire District Council is a two-tier authority.  As such some services are provided by Staffordshire County Council.

Tallest Buildings                                      

  • Victoria Halls (Building 1) – Residential,246 ft,25 Floors, 2009
  • Brockfield House – Residential, 203 ft,22 Floors,1969
  • Hampton View – Residential, 203 ft, 22 Floors,1969
  • Cecilias – Residential,184 ft,20 Floors,1970
  • Wodensfield Tower – Residential,184,20 Floors,1966
  • William Bentley Court – Residential,184 ft,20 Floors,1966 


Wolverhampton takes part in many sports. They include  such as Football, Athletics, Cycling, Motor Sports, Marathon etc.

Courses Scheduled in Wolverhampton