Time Management

  • 27 June, 2017
  • By : Pardeep Kumar

This blog contains a selection of time management tips for anyone interested in improving their productivity and lowering stress in their workplace and personal lives. This is particularly important for project managers who must be able to manage their own time efficiently if they hope to run successful projects. This blog highlights common areas of failing and suggests a simple technique help you improve your time management.


  • Time is an economic resource.
  • It is expensive and precious.
  • It is irrecoverable and irreplaceable.
  • It cannot be expanded or contracted.
  • Time is also called ‘cost’ is cost of time.
  • It is a flow from past to present and from present to future in the context of experience.
  • It is highly perishable.
  • It is a flow from future to present to the past in the context of planning.


The reason that why we waste our time?

We can never save time; we can only buy it and spend it. Saved time is also bought or spent by reinvesting it in other task or activities. Here are some examples of how we waste our time:

  • Do our photocopying and filing.
  • Make our flight and hotel reservations.
  • Find it easier to do things ourselves than train someone else to do repetitive tasks.
  • We should Socialise much instead of communicating.
  • Work at tasks for the satisfaction of physical accomplishment.

Know who your Time Wasters are?

We will find that you waste every day. You must discover for yourself where this waste occurs. Here is a simple method that can help everyone to start enhancing his or her time management. It is not always enough to learn from others.

We need the amazing revelation of the great portions of time that you are working and wasting, but not achieving goals and results. Discovering them is easy. You need to use a simple time log for a couple of weeks to make a breakthrough in your time management.

Control Demands on Your Time:


Our incapability to delegate creates the biggest bottleneck in our work life and also personal lives. Try to achieve better results through others. The do-it-myself condition may result from:

  • Preference for operating not managing.
  • Demand to know every detail.
  • Refusal to allow mistakes, known as perfection syndrome.


Interruptions at your Workplace:

Interruptions probably rate next to poor delegation practices as major time wasters. They are the biggest reason for stress generators. Not only do other people cause interruptions, but we can also interrupt ourselves:

  • By losing concentration.
  • Curious to find out what is going on in the office.
  • Email inbox curiosity.


  • To get better results and relief, we should establish a routine to deal with email in large batches. No Longer be a slave to your inbox.
  • Give a reply to the receive emails. Avoid copying people unnecessarily, as this will lead to high volumes of return emails.