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Change is essential and organisations need to change from time to time. Managing change and dealing with its impact is one of the high priorities for today’s organisations. The joint venture of APMG and CMI (Change Management Institute) has come up with The Change Management Certification to recognise and provide the skills required to skillfully handle organisation change, and serve as a benchmark for professionals aspiring to be effective change managers.

APMG’s refreshed Change Management course is aligned with its Body of Knowledge. The new syllabus contains a wide range of knowledge regarding the theory and practice of change management including:

  • Change and the Individual
  • Change and the Organization
  • Communication and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Change Practice

Who should take this course

The main audience for this course is aspiring or current managers of organizational change, transition or transformation.

It is also aimed at those performing key roles in the design, development and delivery of of organizational change programmes, including:

  • Change Project Managers
  • Transformation Managers
  • Senior Responsible Owners
  • Business Change Managers
  • Change Programme Managers
  • Operational Line Managers


There are no qualifications to attend, but some knowledge of change management will be an advantage.


What Will You Learn

  • Applying appropriate process frameworks to optimally plan and understand organizational change.
  • A range of organization paradigms with which to understand, support and sustain organizational change processes.
  • How to properly prepare for an organizational change initiative - such as building an effective change team and offering insights which enhance the team's performance.
  • Preparing people for organizational change.
  • How to be motivational in ways that's empathetic towards peoples' roles and personalities.
  • How to establish a clear framework of roles, skills and activities through which leaders can support and sustain the change process.

  Course Overview

This course provides complete training for the APMG Change Management Foundation and Practitioner certifications. Beginning with a look at the process of organisational change and the different types of change process, the course looks at how to deal with the reactions of those affected by change, including staff and stakeholders. This is followed by the Change Management Foundation exam. Going into the Practitioner section of the course, you will learn how frameworks can be applied to plan, prepare for, manage and support organisational change, before taking the Practitioner exam.


  Course Content

Change Management Perspective

  • Change and the Individual
  • Models of Individual Change
  • Motivation
  • Systematic Differences Between People
  • Change and the Organisation
  • Organisational Culture
  • Models of the Change Process
  • Emergent Change
  • Key Roles in Organisational Change

Change and the Organisation: Defining Change

  • Drivers for Change
  • Portfolios, Programmes, and Projects
  • Viewpoints and Perspectives
  • Vision Statements

Benefits Management

  • Objectives
  • CSF
  • Principles and Processes

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Leadership and Engagement
  • Empathy Mapping
  • Managing Relationships and Mobilising Stakeholders


  • Feedback Mechanisms
  • Communication Approaches
  • AIDA
  • Barriers to Effective Communication

Change Impact

  • Change Impact, Risk, and Continuity Model
  • McKinsey 7S Model
  • Gap Analysis
  • Stakeholder Impact Assessment

Change Readiness

  • Working with Individuals in Major Changes
  • Building Organisational Readiness for Change
  • Preparing for Resistance

Education and Learning Support: Training Planning

  • Key Principles of Learning
  • Defining what is to be learned

Project Management: Change Initiatives, Projects, and Programmes

  • Decisions and Designs
  • Project Environment
  • Project Methodologies

Sustaining Change

  • Levers and Leverage
  • Levels of Adoption and Critical Mass
  • Reinforcing Systems

Change Management Foundation and Practitioner Enquiry


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