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    PRINCE2® is the most widely used project management approach

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    PRINCE2® helps govern entire projects from start to end

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    Courses delivered by PRINCE2® certified instructors

The aim of every organisation is to successfully manage its projects. To do this there are different ways. This is possible with PRINCE2® as the features required to manage projects effectively are present in PRINCE2®. PRINCE2® meaning PRoject In Controlled Environment, is a project management approach. PRINCE2® helps in the delivery of successful projects using its methodical approach. It has numerous templates, processes, steps, principles and themes that help it in project management. PRINCE2® focuses on the project as well as processes. It is widely used in private as well as public sectors, it has become the method for delivering projects belonging to different domains. It provides an efficient method for effective project management from beginning to end. PRINCE2® can be customised according to the type and size of the projects.

The CCTA (Central Computer Telecommunications Agency) developed PRINCE2® in 1989 to specify common project failure causes. Though popular, PRINCE2® was initially believed to be suitable for large projects. Later a new and updated version called PRINCE2® was developed which was more appropriate for a wide range of projects. PRINCE2® offers benefits which make it the best choice for project management.

PRINCE2® has two levels of certification; it includes foundation and practitioner.

PRINCE2® Foundation – This is the basic level that covers basic terminology and methodology of PRINCE2®. Concepts include project life cycle and project team roles. It is suitable for project managers and other staff members who play a significant role in project management process.

PRINCE2® Practitioner – This is the second certification level. It makes sure that the delegates have achieved knowledge of how to use and tailor PRINCE2® according to the project needs.

PRINCE2® Training Courses

Course Information

Why should I do PRINCE2 training courses?

Achieving PRINCE2® certification provides many benefits. It helps to improve project management and productivity at work. PRINCE2® certification contributes to enhancing your confidence as well as ability to complete every project efficiently. Having PRINCE2® certification helps delegates to get an ideal job faster. In today’s competitive world, you should attain the skills required to succeed, and PRINCE2® certification helps you do that. PRINCE2® certification is the best way to flourish in your career. It has become a significant benchmark within the industry. It is considered as a necessary skill for many project management jobs. PRINCE2® certification also shows that the individual is experienced and has knowledge of the main elements of project management to manage projects successfully from start to end.

Which PRINCE2® should I do?

As of now, PRINCE2® comes in two versions – the PRINCE2® 2009 version and the updated PRINCE2® 2017 version. PRINCE2® decided to update its version (pending since 2009) as the candidates were targeting to pass the PRINCE2® exam only and not implementing it. As of now there are very few examples of PRINCE2® that are available, as such the upgrade. With this upgrade the focus shifts from passing the exam to making use of the concepts that are mentioned in PRINCE2®. This update lay emphasis on enabling delegates to make use of PRINCE2® methodologies in a project environment and tailor PRINCE2® according to the project.

What are the benefits of PRINCE2® training courses?

PRINCE2® is a proven best project management methodology across 150 countries. It  helps to make improvements in an organisation by finding imperfections in the project and correcting them. Using PRINCE2® saves time as well as resources. PRINCE2® act as a standard language for project management. it helps to simplify communication between external and internal project professionals. It meets anticipations of clients. Another advantage of PRINCE2® is that it delivers projects within the budget, with quality and in the allotted time. The candidates get access to all these benefits by enrolling in the PRINCE2® training.

Why choose Pentagon training?

Pentagon training offers various training options depending on requirements of delegates. The course is delivered by experts in project management who possesses at least five years of experience. Pentagon training provides excellent customer support and makes your course supportive as well as interactive. Become an efficient project manager and accomplish your career goals. With the help of PRINCE2® certification manage projects efficiently and become a member of the project team. Pentagon training offers PRINCE2® training courses at an affordable price. 

PRINCE2® Training Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner 5 days Middlesbrough

About Middlesbrough


Middlesbrough, located on the south bank of River Tees, was founded in 1830 and is an industrial town governed by the Middlesbrough Borough Council.  In 1968, the Middlesbrough merged with a number of others boroughs forming the County Borough of Teesside which later absorbed into the county of Cleveland in 1974 by the county of Cleveland. In 1996, the County of Cleveland stopped to exist and the Middlesbrough Borough Council became a unitary authority.

In 1871 the census of England & Wales, Middlesbrough had the biggest percentage of people from Ireland. This was equal to 9.2% of the total district population. As Middlesbrough was developing and industrialising, man force was required in abundance.This led to a deluge of immigrants from Ireland, Scottland and Wales to Middlesbrough This attracted many people from Ireland, who were in much need of work.


 Middlesbrough is served both by train services as well as road transport. Locally, the bus services are provided by Arriva North East and Stagecoach whereas the National Express and Megabus operate on long distances.

The Northern and TransPennine Express offer train services throughout the north-east region including to Newcastle, Darlington, Sunderland,  Redcar and Whitby.

Train service is provided to Leeds, York, Liverpool and Manchester by the TransPennine Express.

The major roads that serve Middlesbrough include the A171, A172, A19, AA19, and A66 

The Stockton and Thornaby Electric Tramways Company, Imperial Tramways Company, Middlesbrough Corporation Tramways, Tees-side Railless Traction Board and Teesside Municipal Transport used to serve Middlesbrough in the past.


Some famous landmarks in the city of Middlesbrough are:

  • Acklam Hall – built 1678, A171, A172 and A174.
  • Transporter Bridge – 850 feet long, 225 feet high
  • Tees Newport Bridge – Opened in 1934
  • Middlesbrough Town Hall – built between 1883 and 1889
  • Carnegie Library – built 1912, refurbished in 2006