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Citrix is a multi-national company that came into being in 1989. It offers various services and products such as a server, networking, virtualization, and cloud computing solutions. One such product that is heavily marketed by Citrix is the XenApp which allows professionals within an enterprise to use Windows on any PC, Mac, Mobile or tablet.

Citrix Training Courses

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What is Citrix Training?

Citrix training includes technologies that are targeted towards desktop, application, server virtualization etc. At Pentagon Training, the delegates get to learn different technologies from Citrix.  Pentagon delivers training on the latest Citrix releases. They include XenApp, XenDesktop, and XenMobile whenever and wherever needed. Instructors certified in Citrix help the delegates undertand the concepts of the Citrix course they are enrolled for.

With Citrix delivering virtual desktops and apps is easy. Citrix’s virtualization platform the XenDesktop teaches the basic to advanced concepts of advanced virtualization. The training covers ways to deploy, manage, and configure XenDesktop and XenApp  solutions. The delegates learn to create machine catalogues and delivery groups. Also included are  integrating Microsoft App-V, and more. The training is best suited for those professionals who wish to administer desktop and applications. Also, it is for meant for those who are already in this field and want to enhance their skills.

Why Should I Take Citrix Training?

The following are some reasons why a candidate can opt for a Citrix Training:

  • A Citrix Training increases the productivity of the employees and business mobility in a single solution. It does so without having to compromise on the organisation’s security.
  • The training uses centralised app and desktop management along with automated tasks. 
  • The Training helps the delegates to configure Citrix policies, apply filters and use system modeling tools.
  • The Training help to provide more free up IT time and budget by simplifying app, desktop, and data management.

 What Are The Benefits of Citrix Training?

Some of the advantages that a Citrix Certified Professional holds are:

  • The delegates with the Citrix Training can rest assured that they get the most current version to learn and enhance their skills. This keeps them ahead of others in the industry.
  • The Citrix professionals are highly paid in their field with their salaries ranging between $80,000 to $95,000.
  • The Citrix Training provides the delegates with a variety of jobs in the IT industry that range from desktop to the cloud.
  • A Citrix training at a foundation level is the base for the candidate to achieve a higher professional Citrix training.
  • Having a Citrix Certification the professionals find themselves in the eyes of recruiters. 
  • The Citrix experts demonstrate their skills with the certifications. As such they are liable to get rewards and bonuses from the organisation they work for.

 Why Should I Choose Pentagon Training?

There are various reasons why delegates prefer to train at Pentagon Training. The first and foremost among them is that Pentagon Training is known as the best training Provider in all fields. The delegates get hands-on experience as well as academic sessions from Certified Trainers / Instructors. Interactive sessions with these experienced instructors help them to remove their doubts. This makes them ready to face problems  in real time.


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