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    JavaScript programming skills delivered by the expert instructors

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    Accomplish familiarity with pre-written jQuery libraries to enhance user-interactive features of the web pages

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    Achieve course completion certificate

The programming skillset is required by IT development companies. The use of basic programming languages does not meet all the customer requirements. There is a need of mature computer language that meets all the customer requirements. Java language is a platform-independent language which fulfils all the project requirements. It is used to create software to be embedded in various consumer electronic devices. Pentagon Training’s JavaScript Programming course offers you the knowledge of efficient JavaScript programming.

We empower you to use the jQuery libraries for creating the website user interactive. The JavaScript language liberates you from writing time-consuming JavaScript code.

Who should take this course

  • Web Developers
  • Web Designers


There are no prerequisite prior attending this course but knowledge of HTML and CSS is recommended.


What Will You Learn

By undergoing this JavaScript Programming course, the candidates will learn to:

  • Make static HTML pages dynamic
  • Use DOM (Document Object Model) to use HTML elements dynamically on web page
  • Pass arguments to a function
  • Use the JavaScript objects like window object and navigator object
  • Handle user-triggered events
  • Run JSON objects

What's included

  Course Overview

JavaScript Programming course provides knowledge of programming concepts. These concepts are adding JavaScript to a web page and use of dialogues. You will learn about the JavaScript objects, the creation of web pages and navigation. Also, gain skills of how to communicate with the web server.


  Course Content

An introduction to JavaScript

  • Creating first JavaScript Program
  • What is programming?
  • Adding JavaScript to a web page
  • Writing Text on a Web Page
  • Adding an external JavaScript file
  • Dealing with errors

The JavaScript Terminologies

  • Understanding Statements and Commands
  • Various types of Data
  • Understanding Variables
  • Using the Data Types and Variables
  • Using Variables
  • Learning Arrays
  • Writing to a Web Page Using Arrays
  • Writing Comments

Adding logic and control to the programs

  • Generating intelligent programs
  • Using conditional statements
  • Managing repetitive tasks with loops
  • Making code reusable

Working with Words, Numbers, and Dates

  • An introduction to an object
  • Understanding strings
  • Discovering patterns in the strings
  • Introducing numbers, dates and times

Dynamically Modifying Web Pages

  • An overview of modifying web pages
  • Understanding the document object model
  • Introducing JavaScript Libraries
  • Choosing Elements of Page
  • Adding content to a page
  • Setting and reading tag attributes
  • Read and remove HTML properties
  • Headlines creation
  • understanding Pull Quotes

An overview of Client-Side JavaScript

  • An introduction to JavaScript in a Page

JavaScript Programming Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
JavaScript Programming 1 Day Virtual
JavaScript Programming 1 Day Southampton
JavaScript Programming 1 Day London
JavaScript Programming 1 Day Bristol
JavaScript Programming 1 Day Manchester
JavaScript Programming 1 Day Birmingham
JavaScript Programming 1 Day Reading
JavaScript Programming 1 Day Canterbury
JavaScript Programming 1 Day Aberdeen
JavaScript Programming 1 Day Cardiff