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The Harvard Business School student named as Dan Bricklin also known as the father of modern day spreadsheets had to do some analysis for his assignment. At that point of time, he got an idea to develop such a program that could be used to handle data. By the end of 1978, he programmed the first working application and named it as a VisiCalc.

In the early 1980’s a program called SupeCalc was launched by Sorcim. It was capable of solving iteratively circular references. Microsoft first started its program called as Multiplan in 1982. To compete with the Lotus 1-2-3 Microsoft developed new spreadsheet program called Microsoft Excel desired to do every task that Lotus 1-2-3 was capable of doing.

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The first version of Excel for MaC was launched in 1985 and version which supports Windows was released in 1987. Pentagon training will make you aware of the MS Excel 2016 and its complete journey that from where this concept originated. Nowadays this tool is used as one of the tools to perform analysis of data.

Pentagon training has designed an instructor-led training for the latest version of MS Excel 2017. Our instructor will explain you in detail out the minor differences between versions earlier exist.

Delegates will also learn about various shortcuts to perform tasks easily on MS Excel and discover how to make use of the function wizard and automatically calculate statistics. We already know how to get Excel to do simple calculations and also how to modify workbooks and also worksheets to make them easy to read, and present to others.

Evolution of MS ExcelWhat is Microsoft Excel Training?

Microsoft Excel is an advanced tool that is used globally to create and format spreadsheets. We can use some functions in MS Excel to handle our data in the MS Excel. This training is distributed into three categories i.e., introduction, intermediate and advanced level.

Why should I take Microsoft Excel Training?

Microsoft Excel Training Courses is ideal for those who want to handle and perform a task related to analysis. It will also make delegates able to handle large datasets build on a nearly continuous basis, as we all know data is becoming more critical and crucial for every business with every passing day.

What are the benefits of taking Microsoft Excel Training?

To Make a competitive edge over your competitors, we can use MS Excel to manage your data and represent it For our custom instructor-led training; we use the updated version of the software delegate’s use in your office. Enhance your career and increase opportunities for jobs.

Why Choose Pentagon Training?

Pentagon training is one of the most leading training providers of this training due to its high-quality content. It is most trusted by professionals and industry leading brands. Our well trained and experienced instructors teach that what is required by industry.

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