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    PRINCE2® is a most widely used approach for project management

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    PRINCE2® helps to govern entire projects from start to end

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    Gain PRINCE2® certification to flourish in the field of project management

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    Apply PRINCE2® methodologies to project of any type and size

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    PeopleCert fully accredits Pentagon Training's PRINCE2® Training Courses

Every organisation tend to manage projects efficiently and deliver it successfully. There are various methods available to choose from for project management. Organisations need project management approach equipped with necessary features and here comes PRINCE2®. PRINCE2® stands for Project In Controlled Environment. It is project management approach that provides a precise, detailed method for delivering successful projects. It comprises of various templates, processes, steps, principles and themes. PRINCE2® is project and process focused. PRINCE2® is widely used in private as well as public sectors. It has become the method of delivering projects belonging to various sectors like product development, marketing, IT, R and D, Construction and business transformation. It provides an efficient method for effective project management from start to end. PRINCE2® can be tailored according to projects type and size.

PRINCE2® was developed in 1989 by Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency to convey common project failure causes. In spite of its popularity, PRINCE2® was considered suitable for only large projects. Later a new and updated version called PRINCE2® was developed, which is more appropriate for a wide range of projects. PRINCE2® offers various benefits which make it the best choice for project management.

PRINCE2® has two levels of certification; it includes foundation and practitioner.

PRINCE2® Foundation Online – This is the basic level that covers basic terminology and methodology of PRINCE2® including project life cycle and project team roles. It is suitable for project managers and other staff members who play a significant role in project management process.

PRINCE2® Practitioner OnlineThis is the second certification level, this level makes sure that the delegates have achieved knowledge of how to use and tailor PRINCE2® to be used in projects.

PRINCE2® online training courses enable delegates to study at their own pace and save time. It is suitable for those delegates who have tight schedules and want to study in a comfortable environment. This online training provides flexibility to the delegates.

Get 24/7 access to the courses and technical as well as administrative support from our trainers. Courses are very interactive and it allows delegates to learn in the best way. PRINCE2® online training courses are developed according to the needs of the delegates and after achieving this PRINCE2® online certification handle projects effectively.

PRINCE2 Online Training Courses

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Why should i do PRINCE2® training courses online?

Achieving PRINCE2® online certification provide numerous benefits. It helps to improve project management and productivity at work. It also saves money. PRINCE2® online certification contributes to enhance your confidence as well as ability to complete every project efficiently. Having PRINCE2® certification helps delegates get an ideal job faster. In today’s competitive world, you should attain the required skills to succeed, and PRINCE2® certification helps you do that. PRINCE2® certification is the best way to flourish in your career. PRINCE2® has become a significant benchmark within the industry, considering it as a necessary skill for many project management jobs. PRINCE2® online certification also shows that the individual is experienced and have knowledge of the main elements of project management to manage projects successfully from start to end.

Benefits of PRINCE2® training courses online

PRINCE2® is a proven best project management methodology across 150 countries. It can be applied to project of any type and size. PRINCE2® helps to make improvements in an organisation by finding flaws in the project and correcting it. Using PRINCE2® save time as well as resources. Standard language feature of PRINCE2® helps to simplify communication between external and internal project professionals. It meets expectations of customers. Another advantage is that it helps to deliver projects in the budget, with quality and at the time. Enrol in our PRINCE2® online training courses to achieve all these benefits.

Why choose Pentagon Training?

Pentagon training is a certified and approved training organisation. We are one of the leading PRINCE2® online certification providers. Pentagon training offers various training options like a classroom, virtual/online and on-site depending on requirements of delegates. The course is delivered by experts in their field and possesses at least five years of experience in their profession. Pentagon training provides excellent customer support and makes your course supportive as well as interactive. Become an efficient project manager and accomplish your career goals. With the help of PRINCE2® online certification manage projects efficiently and become a member of the project team. Become an effective project manager and meet your career aspirations.

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