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    Understand core services of Windows Server 2012

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    Learn to install, manage and maintain core services in Windows Server 2012 environment

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    Manage storage, networking, Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) and Hyper-V

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    Course is developed by Windows Server Certified Instructors

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    Gain this certification and enhance your skills

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Windows Server is a group of operating systems. It supports data storage, applications and communication within an organisation. Windows Server was developed by Microsoft. Older versions of Windows Server provided features like security, stability, networking and various other improvements to file system. Other improvements include enhanced hardware support and deployment technologies. To focus on small businesses, Microsoft has created special SKU’s of Windows server. The latest release of Windows Server is Windows Server 2012 R2, and it also focuses on cloud computing. Windows Server provides ease of management. It handles events efficiently to allow websites run smoothly. Windows Server web hosting support major web programming languages like PHP, ASP.Net and databases MS SQL, MySQL.

Who should take this course

The intended audience for Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 course are IT professionals who have some experience and knowledge of working with the operating system and want to achieve the required skills as well as knowledge to install and configure Windows Server 2012 R2 Server in current Windows server environment.

Windows server administrators who are beginners in Windows Server Administration and its related technologies can enrol into this course

Delegates who want to learn more about Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2012

IT professionals who have experience in other non-Microsoft technologies and want to get trained in using Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

Delegates looking to take Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) can take this course



For attending this course, meet the following prerequisites:

  • Knowledge of networking fundamentals and basic AD DS concepts
  • Awareness and knowledge of best security  practices
  • Basic knowledge of server hardware
  • Experience of working with, and configuring Windows client operating system like Windows 7 and 8

What Will You Learn

  • Learn to deploy and configure Windows Server 2012
  • Manage Active Directory objects
  • Learn how to automate Active Directory Administration
  • Install IPV4 and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
  • Install Domain Name System (DNS) and IPV6
  • Learn to install local storage, file and print services
  • Install group policy
  • Understand how to secure Windows Server using Group Policy Objects (GPOs)
  • Using Hyper-V install server virtualization
  • Able to deploy, configure and track servers
  • Develop and configure settings, storage and networks of virtual machine
  • Learn to configure servers for remote management
  • Understand how to install domain controllers
  • Understand processing of domain controllers to create and manage group policy
  • Stay updated with the information in Windows Server 2012 R2

What's included

  Course Overview

In Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 course learn to install and configure Windows Server 2012 including Windows Server 2012 R2. This course is the first course of Windows Server Series that provide the necessary skills and knowledge required to deploy core Windows Server 2012 infrastructure in an existing enterprise environment. Three courses in Windows Server Series cover whole concepts of managing, implementing and maintaining services as well infrastructure in Windows Server 2012 environment. This course focus on implementation and configuration of core services like storage, networking, Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), Hyper-v, file and print services.


  Course Content

Deploy and manage Windows Server 2012

In this module understand about editions of Windows Server 2012 and new management tools. Learn to install windows server 2012 and perform post-deployment and basic administrative tasks

  • Overview of Windows Server 2012
  • Install Windows Server 2012
  • Post installation configuration
  • Overview of Windows Server 2012 Management
  • Windows PowerShell overview

Introduction to Active Directory Domain Services

In this module understand Active Directory Domain Service’s structure. Various components like forest, domain and organisation units (OUs). Also get overview of domain controllers along with choices available with Windows Server 2012 for installing AD DS on a server

  • Overview of AD DS
  • Introduction to Domain Controllers
  • Install a Domain Controller

Managing Active Directory Domain Services Objects

Learn to manage user accounts, computer accounts, consumer devices that employees use. Also, cover how to handle enterprise network by managing groups.

  • Manage user accounts and groups
  • Manage computer accounts
  • Delegating administration

Automating Active Directory Domain Services Administration

In this topic learn to use command line tools. Use Windows PowerShell to automate the administration of AD DS. Understand various command line tools and commands of Windows PowerShell. Also, learn to use these commands and tools to change objects individually and in bulk operations

  • Use command line tools and Windows PowerShell for AD DS Administration
  • Perform bulk operations with Windows PowerShell

Implementing IPv4

In this module understand using IPV4 which is a network protocol used on local area networks and internet. Learn to implement the IPV4 addressing scheme and troubleshoot network communication. Also, learn to determine and troubleshoot network-related problems.

  • Overview of TCP/IP
  • Understand IPv4 Addressing
  • Subnet and Supernet
  • Configure and Troubleshoot IPv4

Implementing Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

Learn about Windows server-based network infrastructure supporting and troubleshooting. Deploy, configur and troubleshoot Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server role.

  • Introduction to DHCP Server Role
  • Configure DHCP Scopes
  • Manage a DHCP Database
  • Secure and track DHCP

Implementing DNS

Understand about name resolution for Windows Server Servers and Windows operating system clients. Also, cover installation and configuration of DNS Server Service as well as its components.

  • Name resolution for Windows servers and clients
  • Install DNS Server
  • Manage DNS Zones

Implementing IPv6

Understand features and benefits of IPV6. How IPV6 affects IPV4 networks. Learn to integrate IPV6 with IPv4 networks by using various transition technologies.

  • Introduction to IPv6
  • IPv6 Addressing
  • Coexistence with IPv4
  • IPv6 Transition Technologies

Implementing Local Storage

Understand about various storage technologies. Install storage solutions in windows server 2012 and use its new storage spaces feature.

  • Introduction to Storage
  • Manage disks and volumes
  • Install Storage Spaces

Implementing File and Print Services

In this module, learn to provide print and file resources with Windows Server 2012. Learn to secure folders and files. Protect previous file versions and folders using shadow copies.

  • Secure folders and files
  • Protect shared folders and files using Shadow Copies
  • Configure Work Folders and network printing

Implementing Group Policy

In this module get an overview of group policy and install Group Policy

  • Introduction to Group Policy
  • Group Policy Processing
  • Implementing a Central Store for Administrative Templates

Securing Windows Servers Using Group Policy Objects

In this module understand about Windows Server 2012 operating system security. Learn to identify security and plan strategy to mitigate operating system threats

  • Windows Operating Systems security overview
  • Configure Security Settings
  • Restrict Software
  • Configure Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

Implementing Server Virtualization with Hyper-V

In this module understand virtualization technologies that exist on windows and focus on Hyper-V role in Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2. Learn about the components of the Hyper-V role, configuring and deploying the role, in addition to and how to configure and manage key components of a Hyper-V implementation, such as Storage and Networking.

  • Install Virtualization Technologies
  • Implement Hyper-V
  • Manage Virtual Machine Storage and Virtual Networks

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