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    Understand how to import and export of project’s data

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    Allocation of Resources effectively

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    Know how split projects into sub-projects

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    Tracking of progress

Microsoft Project is a software to manage projects developed by Microsoft. It was MS-DoS application software application written in ‘C’. The person behind its idea is Ron Bredehoeft who is former Software Engineer in IBM. The first commercial version was released for MS-DoS in 1984. In 1985 Microsoft bought all the rights to it and also released version two. Version three and four was released in 1986 by Microsoft.  The first version for Microsoft Windows was released in 1990.

The latest version which Microsoft Project 2016 includes new report section and backwards compatibility.  It also adds improved version of user interface items. It also provides web access to a user with the help of this user can make changes in data over the internet. With the help of it, project managers can assign resources to the task and track the progress of the task.

Microsoft Project Training Courses

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MS Project 2016 will make the task easier for project managers as with the help of resource pool resources can be shared among different tasks and teams. Each resource can have its calendar by which we can define time and shifts to share the particular resource.

MS Project 2016 training will impart required knowledge and skills which will help the person who is having the role of project manager to create a plan for a project using the MS Project 2016 in the planning phase of a project. After completion of this course, delegates will use the MS Project efficiently to manage their resources and costs; set-up plans, and meet deadlines of the project.Benefits of MS Project


What is Microsoft Project training?

This course includes the skills that permit delegates to build a project plan such as building adjustments to tasks, assigning cost and resources, handling views, working with tasks, outlining tasks, and assigning baselines.

What should I take Microsoft Project training?

Microsoft Project training will help to the project managers or who want to be project managers. Project managers are one who is responsible for completing the project on time and within the approved budget by authorities. So, Microsoft Project will help to them to allocate resources to his team and monitor the progress.

What are the benefits of taking Microsoft Project Training course?

Delegates will learn to allocate resources, manage resource sheet, and manage project calendar. It will also impart knowledge to delegates to exchange data of project to different applications and customise projects to meet requirements of the project.

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