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Microsoft Visio training will impart knowledge to delegates that how they can transform their ideas and information into action. Microsoft Visio Application is an easy way to transform complex ideas into data-linked diagrams.

Learn how to create your custom stencils with shapes, link forms to multiple data sources such as SQL and Excel and create an organisation chart from employee data. Microsoft Visio is an advanced tool for diagramming used to create everything from business flow charts to computer network diagrams. 

Microsoft Visio Training Courses

Course Information

Visio is a diagramming application that consists of various types of pre-drawn shapes and picture elements that can be dragged and dropped onto the illustration. Users can define their elements and place them onto the Visio palette. "Visio Home" is a version of Visio which is designed for personal use and includes items for family trees, landscaping and decorating.

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What is Microsoft Visio Training?

Microsoft Visio Training course is an intelligent diagramming and vector graphics application and helps simplify information communication with data-driven visual information including, but not limited to organisation charts, network diagrams, and business processes.

Why Should I Take a Microsoft Visio Training Course?

Develop skills from core competencies to a comprehensive understanding of the Application. Attend this training to create technical drawings like flow charts, diagrams and maps and Edit and enhance existing technical drawings. It is used to create diagrams, workflows, networks, data flows, cause and effect diagrams, and charts represent processes.

What are the Benefits of taking a Microsoft Visio Training Course?

The software has comprehensive drawing tools to fulfil the requirements. The application provides the flexibility of getting productivity using standard templates. The course would include learning how to open files, adjusting the interface, preparation of connected diagrams, inserting and deleting shapes, re-arranging diagrams, formatting text/shapes, adding text, graphics, work with layers and themes, development of org charts, timelines and publishing graphs. At the same time, the delegates can learn about drawing tools.

Why choose Pentagon training?

Pentagon Training is known as the best training Provider in all domains. Our instructors are certified and experienced so that delegates will not get difficulty during the course. Pentagon training is one of the most leading training providers of this training due to its high-quality content. It is most trusted by professionals and industry leading brands. Our well trained and experienced instructors teach that what is required by industry.

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