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    Interpret Google Analytics reports and data

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    Course offered by highly certified and experienced instructors

The Google Analytics Masterclass course equips the delegates with the essential knowledge and skills required to configure and use one of the world’s most powerful digital tools Google Analytics for reporting on their online website performance. The course provides a comprehensive knowledge of Google Analytics and fundamentals of Analytics Strategy. The course enables the delegates to use goals, events and ecommerce tracking to add context to reporting, improve conversion optimisation for a website, communicate effectively with all stakeholders and review the key metrics and reporting options in Google Analytics. The course is beneficial for delegates who want to use data to improve the performance of their websites. By the completion of the course, the delegates will build a solid foundation in Google Analytics and become master in utilising Google Analytics for data-driven marketing. 

The following diagram shows the process of Google Analytics explaining the working of Google in brief.

Who should take this course

The Google Analytics masterclass course is specifically intended for individuals who want to effectively utilise Google Analytics to improve their website’s performance. These include:

  • Marketing Mangers and marketing executives who are tasked with the responsibility of developing campaigns for exhibitions, conferences and seminars
  • Communications professionals who want to learn about campaign ROI, web content performance and traffic sources
  • Designers and developers who are involved in the effective Google Analytics implementation at the coding and configuration level
  • Experienced Google Analytics users who want to explore the new features and user interface


No specific pre-requisites are required for attending the Google Analytics Masterclass. So, anyone can attend this course.


What Will You Learn

  • Create dashboards, shortcuts and other advanced tactics
  • Gain thorough understanding of key website analytics terminology
  • Learn how to interpret Google analytics and key sections of each report
  • Construct regular reports against key metrics
  • Understand the attrition points in customer journeys

What's included

  Course Overview

Google Analytics is a website statistics service that allows the users to track and report traffic of websites. It was launched by Google in November 2005. Anyone having a Google account can avail this service. The Google Analytics course provides a thorough understanding of how data is collected, stored and displayed. The delegates will learn how to collect credible information from Google Analytics like how many people visiting the website, where they are coming from, what they visit and how long their visits last. These valuable findings relating to the usability of websites will help the delegates in achieving their business goals.


  Course Content

Overview of Google Analytics

  • Explain Google Analytics
  • Interface of Google Analytics

Essentials of Google Analytics

  • Working process of Google Analytics
  • How to create an account for Google Analytics
  • Installation of Google Analytics tracking code on a site

Basics of Google Analytics Report

  • Understanding of accounts & profile administration
  • How to make notes in Analytics Data
  • Select and Compare data ranges
  • Navigate the reports and the Data Over Time Chart

How Google Analytics Works

  • JavaScript, cookies and GIF requests
  • Differences from log-based tools
  • Security, privacy and reliability

Report Preparations in Google Analytics

  • Explain eminent ways to view data
  • Navigate the data with site usage, goals and e-commerce metrics
  • Explain the data with inline and advanced filters

Sharing Options in Google Analytics

  • Explain the options of Google Analytics
  • Management of user accounts and their profiles
  • Reports of E-mailing

Reports in Google Analytics

  • Understand who is visiting a website
  • Location and geographic information
  • Differentiate new users and returning users
  • How to arrange data by browser capabilities
  • Analyse the data from mobile browsers

Traffic Sources and Channel Reports in Google Analytics

  • Direct, referring and search traffic
  • Identifying involved users
  • Social media traffic sources
  • How to introduce campaign tracking?
  • How to track offline campaigns?

Conversions in Google Analytics

  • Goal setup
  • Goal examples
  • E-commerce reports
  • Visualizing funnels with Goal Flow

Content Reports in Google Analytics

  • Evaluate top content by metrics
  • Event tracking and AdSense
  • Pages and Landing Pages
  • Site Search Reports
  • Configuring Site Search

Google Analytics Masterclass Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
Google Analytics Masterclass 1 Day Aberdeen
Google Analytics Masterclass 1 Day Leeds
Google Analytics Masterclass 1 Day London
Google Analytics Masterclass 1 Day Cardiff
Google Analytics Masterclass 1 Day Reading
Google Analytics Masterclass 1 Day Milton Keynes
Google Analytics Masterclass 1 Day Brighton
Google Analytics Masterclass 1 Day Virtual
Google Analytics Masterclass 1 Day Bristol
Google Analytics Masterclass 1 Day Norwich