About Bedford

With a population of 80,000 Bedford is a county town in Bedfordshire, England. The Offa of Mercia is said to be buried at Bedford. Built by Henry I , the Bedford Castle  saw its destruction in 1224. Bedford has been represented in Parliament since 1265. A significant part of the population of Bedford is Italian.

Bedford is named after a Saxon chief Beda, and a ford crossing the River Great Ouse. The subburb was known for its market since early Middle Ages.

 John Bunyan, wrote The Pilgrims Progress while in Bedford Gaol.  During this time brewing became a major industry in the town. Bedford became an engineering hub by the 19th century. Railways reached Bedford in 1846.


Bedford is linked to the town and other parts of England either by Bus or by Rail. The A6 road provides road access to the city. There and two railway stations and a network of bus services that serve the city’s transport system.

Bedford bus station


The Stagecoach in Bedford and Bedford Borough Council own the bus station at Bedford. It serves the population is located  in the city centre on All Hallows .


Religious Places

Christian Churches

  • The Civic and County Church of St Paul's 
  • The Church of St Peter's
  • Four churches from the New frontiers network
  • Polish and Italian Roman Catholic churches 
  • LDS (Mormon) meeting houses
  • Numerous independent churches


There are many Sikh temples in Bedford with one of them being in Kempston. It also houses temples of Guru Ravidass and Valmiki.

The following communities also meet in Bedford:

  • Quaker
  • Jehovah’s Witness
  • Wiccan




  • During the 1970’s BBC TV aired the series “Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em” in and around Bedford.
  • In the 2005 “Batman Begins” movie some scenes were shot at the Cardington Sheds near Bedford . It’s sequel , 'The Dark Knight', was also partially filmed at the sheds using the fake working name 'Rory's First Kiss'
  • In the 2006 Comedy Central version of Outsourced, a good natured Bedfordian played a comic role in "I'm From England".

People from Bedford

  • John Bunyan – Author of “The Pilgrims Progress”
  • John Howard – Sherriff of Bedfordshire
  • John Oliver – Comedian
  • Joe Bugner – Heavyweight Boxer
  • Monty Panesor – Cricketer
  • Will Smith – Cricketer




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